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Foreign exchange involves risks. The FX Club Membership Programme is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. For details, please click here.

Risk Disclosure

Foreign Currency Trading
Foreign currency trading involves risks. Foreign currency investments are subject to exchange rate fluctuation which may provide both opportunities and risks. The fluctuation in the exchange rate of foreign currency may result in losses in the event that the customer converts the foreign currency into Hong Kong dollar or other foreign currencies. Foreign currency rates of exchange may adversely affect the value, price or income of any security or related investment mentioned in this document. This document does not purport to identify all the risks that may be involved in the product or investments referred to in this document. Before making investment decision, investors should read and understand the offering documents of such products, including but not restricted to the risk disclosure statement and health warning.

Currency Risk Disclosure
Exchange of renminbi (RMB) to HKD or other currencies is subject to currency exchange rate fluctuation. Customers will bear the risk of RMB exchange rate fluctuations which may cause profit or loss if customer chooses to convert RMB to HKD or other currencies. RMB is currently subject to exchange controls imposed by the PRC government, the exchange rate may be easily affected by change in government policies.

These services / products are not targeted at customers in the European Union.

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