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Spend More Get More
Spend More Get More
Spend More Get More


  • To consolidate all your other bank's credit card bills and loans on our platform
  • To settle daily living expenses (e.g. telecommunication fee, insurance, tuition fee, property management fee, water, electricity and gas bills, government fee, etc)
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Features Details

  • Enjoy up to 60 Days Interest-free Repayment Period

Features Details

You can view, edit or delete the instruction anytime at least one working day before the scheduled transfer date

  • One-time Scheduled Instruction
  • Consecutive Scheduled Instruction

Features Details

  • "My Bill": Show all your payment records and scheduled payment
  • "Bill Label": Assign a Bill Label to the bill
  • "Search Function": Search the bills you want to pay
  • "Payment History": View all your payment and transfer records in past 13 months

Features Details

How It Works

How it works
How it works
How it works


You can setup the Maximum Daily Payment & activate your "Bill Payment to Designated Merchants" Service

Settings > Transaction Settings > Online Transaction Limit

It's simple, direct and fast!


You must hold a Mastercard / Visa Card / UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

Product Enquiry / Enquiry of Promotion: 2828 8168

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

The service(s) / product(s) mentioned herein is / are not targeted at customers in the EU.

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